Quality Commercial Laundry

Effective and gentle care for your garments and linens

Sweaters, clothes, napkins, quilts, blankets, comforters, coats, pants, shirts, scarfs, sheets, ties, jackets, dresses, pant suits, sleeping bags, delicate materials such as wool, cashmere, silk, down, high end clothing such as bespoke suits and evening wear etc.


How we clean

Our cleaners are unscented and biodegradable

We use cutting edge technology

One of our methods is steam cleaning

We do our best to achieve hypoallergenic results 

We also work with magnets, a technology that eliminates the need for detergents all together while producing excellent results

Green simply works better

What we offer

Private laundry – wash and fold service by the pound.

Commercial laundry – resorts, restaurants and B&B’s – contact us for volume pricing – if you need your items sorted by room/guest house – we can keep your sets straight

Dry cleaning alternative – each item is being handled individually – we clean with steam and other gentle and effective methods, you receive your garments pressed, covered and on a hanger.

We will not bathe your garments in chemicals, launder them with other people’s items, staple tags onto them, dry or press them with harsh methods, nor do we use wire hangers

From your delicate cashmere sweater, silk sheets to hotel linens
we offer a wide range of quality laundering services for you and your business

Is this a dry cleaner?

We believe that most items do not need to undergo this often harsh and chemical treatment. And BTW – there is nothing dry about “dry cleaning”.

It is a dry cleaning alternative, using similar equipment but gentler cleaners and processes. Often times the results are better.
We can take care of the items you would have brought to the dry cleaner. We just do it in the old fashioned and gentle way that has worked very well for lots of people and for a long time.
We prefer quality over quantity.

We combine tried and true methods with cutting edge technology.

Is this a public laundromat?

It’s not.
You are welcome to bring us your items or have them picked up.
Please use the contact form to arrange for pick up/delivery


We charge a fair rate based on state wide average cost for similar services and will be as reasonable as possible.
Laundry is charged by the pound.
Rush orders, commercial accounts or items requiring special care are charged differently.

Our equipment

We use cutting edge and high tech equipment, as well as tried and tested simpler tools and processes that have worked for a long time.

We use high efficiency front loaders that heat the water in the machine instead of pulling hot water from the pipe. It has to do with effectively cleaning and gently treating your laundry. The results are much different.

Instead of detergents we often use new technology such as magnets.

Instead of dryer sheets we use balls which work better and have more uses.

We also use different steaming methods. This is also important for sanitizing without shrinking or harming the fibers in your garment and is great for items requiring extra gentle handling. It is also great for finishing without causing wrinkles or creases.

For pressing we use equipment that is gentle and doesn’t cause unnecessary creasing and wear on your items. We are able to press your king size sheets without causing a crease in the middle.

What we don’t use 

Detergents that are not biodegradable 

PERC (chemical “dry” cleaning fluid used instead of water to wash clothes)


Fabric softeners

Dryer sheets

Wire hangers

Harsh pressing or finishing methods

Tags that are stapled to your garment 

We keep your laundry separate and do not launder your items mixed in with another person’s batch